Upgraded to business but it seems that it's not applied

Hi all !
Just upgraded a pro plan to business but it’s still showing pro… Looking in deep i see that the business will be applied AFTER my contract pro ends !!!

When you want to upgrade, it’s now, not in 11 months !!

Someone can help me ?

Questions about billing will need to be resolved by the Customer Support team and cannot be resolved on the Community.

To contact the billing team, please submit a new support request from your Cloudflare account directly through the Cloudflare dashboard. Visit https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/support and choose Billing. Please share your ticket number here so that we can track it.

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Just crazy, i pushed the “upgrade” button because i wanted to get the waiting room… and now i see that the business plan will be activated in one year ! it makes no sense. I made a ticket, let’s see if the fix my issue.

Hi @jmlange I see a few tickets from you on this issue and have merged the duplicate into 3046647.

I’ll flag that ticket and this post for the attention of my Billing colleagues.

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Hello,I have a pro plan that I want to pass on business. But I choosed monthly plan and that seems to create an issue.
That has validated 1 month after the annual plan… But I want it now.

Do I have to take an annual plan to upgrade pro plan to business plan ?
That’s a simple question…

No, but it may be a combination of how the dash wants you to proceed and a less than intuitive user experience. I’ll verify with the billing agent but it seems like you may need to cancel the pro, have us issue a credit and then select the Biz plan, but let me verify with the team before you take any action. Sorry for the issues, I agree what you’re encountering


Hi @jmlange I just spoke with my Billing colleagues and they are active on your ticket and will reply there with the details and will make sure your website is on the appropriate plan.

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Thanks a lot !
If they can activate the business i would be perfect. They can use the 3 payments i have made to get 3 months ?

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Happy to assist and sorry for the issues.

The agent on the ticket will assist, I’m not sure if that is possible as subscriptions are monthly or annually, but the Billing agent will know for sure…

I’m in contact with Cloudflare support and they told me they would force cancel yesrly subscription and credit it for monthly business subscription.

But i have no more infos on this do you have more info ?

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As soon as that force cancelation is complete, the next step is to purchase the Business subscription for the 1 month period, but the team will confirm on your ticket.

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