Upgrade to pro plan

Due to RBI guidelines auto renewal did not happen, thus the services got downgraded,
If i try to upgrade again it is not upgrading please help on this. but payment getting successful but not upgrading

You should have the option to pay the invoices manually in the dashboard at renewal time - but I’m not too sure on the issue where you’re unable to upgrade.

Is your bank being charged when you attempt to upgrade?

Your best bet is to reach out to [email protected] . I’m sure that @Laurie knows the right procedure for Indian customers and can correct me if I’m wrong :smile:

Hi @developers,
Unfortunately, some India banks are not allowing for new orders to process, we are working on a solution for this with our payment processors but at this time do not have an ETA. You can try using PayPal attaching a different payment method there as we have seen some success with that, or using a payment method that is issued outside of India.

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