Upgrade to Pro Plan one month ago but didn't see any difference

Hi community,
I was trying to upgrade to Pro Plan for my personal library site joomla btsudama.com, but I didn’t see noticeably any difference after upgrade.

What short of setting is required to be performed, I’m really new in this field.

Thank you
I Kadek Sudama

What difference did you expect exactly? :thinking:

Pro includes some more features on your dashboard

Hi MarkMeyer,
I was expecting for more speed on website :blush:
And fix this issue when choose CDN Cloudflare (I’m adding the screenshoot here)

Thank you
I Kadek Sudama

Speed on the Pro plan isn’t better than the Free version, only more POPs and options.

The cookie is necessary for CF to work, so there is no way to remove it, but it’s not a problem or concern.


Pro adds security not speed

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