Upgrade to CloudFlare Pro plan and features not working

I have upgraded my free plan to a Pro plan and the features are not working. I see “Upgrade to Pro” plan in my CF admin area. In my account area the plan is showing as Pro plan. I created a ticket 13 days ago and there has been no response to my ticket except for a 'bot" response. I’ve never had this type of slow response to a ticket before. Can someone help?

Thank you.

Please post the ticket # here, and we’ll escalate it.

Hello, I think this is the ticket number: #2740324.

Thank you.

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Please check the response on the ticket.

Thank you.

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I have also replied. Thank you.

From oshariff:

“By default, when you cancel a plan, there is a 30 day delayed downgrade.”

Hmm, this sounds really excessive to me. In this day and age of technology, it takes 30 days to change plans? I understand that there might be a little delay after cancelling my CF account with my host, but 30 days to add it to my personal account on CF? They say everything is clear on their end and to talk to CF. It sure does seem like this could be resolved faster than 30 days. I sure hope it is because I’ve paid for the Pro plan this month and it looks like I will not be able to use the service for 30 days. I hope they can give me credit next month??

Since my host says that everything is clear on their end, do I just sit here for 30 days and then the Pro account features will be available or do I have to do something else, too? I’m confused.

Oh…you didn’t mention you already had a plan through someone else. That does make it a bit tricky.

Going back through my billing at my host it looks like I cancelled the CF account with them on the 20th. My PRO subscription on CF started the 20th as well. I think I cancelled the CF account with my host first as I did not want them overlapping. Then after that was done the same day I started the CF account on my personal account at CF. Now, around 15 days later I still do not have access to my PRO account features at CF. I’m trying to figure out what to expect from here?

What I don’t understand is why there is a 30 day “downgrade” period? Why are services not just stopped one place and started another? I can change and move my entire website hosting from one host to another and only spend 24-48 hours waiting for the DNS to fully resolve. Why does it take CF 30 days to resolve? This is not what is making sense to me?

My current host says there is nothing else on their end to do. It seems like this should be an easy fix here at CF. What exactly are we waiting 30 days for? I really do not understand why there is a 30 day delay here? Thank you.

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