Upgrade pro to business NOT WORKING

I upgraded my Pro subscription to Business. It’s been 18 hours and I’m still on Pro.

The issue is that I had paid for an annual Pro subscription. Apparently, the Business upgrade will take affect after the Pro subscription ends. Does that even make sense? Why would I want to wait? It could be months before the 1st subscription ends.

Everywhere in the Cloudflare UI it says “Upgrade” or “Change” subscripiton for more benefits, etc, etc. It doesn’t say “add to current subscription”.


How long do I have to wait?

ID #2912010

Sorry, it’s just so frustrating when you want to play with the new toy.

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I see the zone is active on the business plan, you may need to log out & back in to see it if you’re not. And, your ticket is tagged as a business plan and I see has been routed to the team to answer your other questions.


Thank you. I did get a respond today.


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