Upgrade -- Origin CA de Cloudflare: raíz de RSA

Hello, I have using a certificate SSL for the web server, the last time I downloaded this certificate was from the url “https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/es-es/articles/115000479507-Gestión-de-certificados-de-Origin-CA-de-Cloudflare#h_0eadeb1e-93cd-4698-937d-fb5165d40b54”, in this moment the certificated expired on november 13, I appreciate please indicate the url to download the updated certificate (Cloudflare RSA root certificate)

Same link! Still contains the right certificate, now the updated one.

this link contains the certificate caducated, see attachment image

The English version contains the correct ones


Sorry for the issues @leonardotenjo, the team just verified this is fixed, sorry for the oversight & thank you very much for calling it to our attention.

thanks Cloonan, yesterday the certificate worked, but today it doesn’t work anymore, in the browser it says that the certificate was revoked

That wont be Origin related though, as these certificates are never browser-facing.

Also, the certificate of that host appears to be valid


There is a 522 error however

Hmm, I show the site saludvidaeps.com as pending in your account awaiting a nameserver change & plan selection. I also see existing (but different) cf nameservers currently associate with the account.

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