Upgrade from Pro to Business - Not working

Ticket: #3219546

Upgraded from Pro to Business.

The upgrade has not taken effect.

No response from customer support.

We are seeking urgent functionality of waiting room as the website is currently experiencing critical loads - This failure of upgrade is causing significant issues. We would like to see a swift resolution.

Now going into 2 days of no resolution.

Cloudflare billing has an odd policy - Your plan must expire before you can upgrade.

Therefor if you’re on a pro plan annually, and you want to upgrade to Business - You have to wait an entire year, before you can upgrade and use business plan.

That is horrendously backwards and needs fixing - Users need to upgrade their plans, and not await expiry.


I have made the same discovery today, and find that I need to wait a year until the Pro sub ends before using Business Plan!!!

And of course, days of no responses to tickets and chats.

Did you have any success with support from CF?