Upgrade from http to https working in Safari but not in Chrome

I have configured the following:

  1. Always use https:// (enabled in edge certificates, not as page rule)
  2. Page rule apex domain → www
  3. CNAME wwwghs.googlehosted.com

There are no A or AAAA records set and at Google sites, the domain is configured for www only.

When I enter http://domain.tld, I would expect CF to first upgrade the request to https://domain.tld, then the page rule should catch on and redirect to https://www.domain.tld, which is supposed to terminate at Google Sites.

In Chrome, when I enter domain.tld without the protocol, the redirect works, but when entered as http://domain.tld (explicit http request) it does not. In Safari both work. All other requests work in both browsers.

In dev console, Chrome displays “STALLED”. Does that mean Chrome does not even make a request? Because the A/AAAA record is missing? And maybe Safari works around this by trying both?

Is my CF configured correctly? There is no WAF rule configured. Could there be anything else that I missed which might block the request? Is something not processed in the order I expected? Do I need to set an A/AAAA record for Chrome to send the request? Where would I point it to?

The domain in question is hausler.info.


As long as the record is :orange:, the address is not too important. For consistency and clarity, I like to create only a AAAA record set to the discard prefix 100::.

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