Upgrade from Free to Business reverts back to Free

I am trying to upgrade from free plan to business plan on a new account. No error after submitting the annual payment. I received the welcome to Busness Plan email from Cloudflare. After a few minutes the plan reverts back to Free. No billing traces on the payment method which is Paypal. This method is working fine on other Cloudflare accounts. I opened a support ticket 19 hrs ago but I still got no answers. Ticket number is #3287206.

Could someone from the Cloudflare team help me and look into this please?

I added this to the escalation queue, so someone from the team will look at it when they can.

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Hi @Lu_dv

I have replied to your ticket. I can see the domain was moved to a new account and that you managed to upgrade to a business subscription, so I will also close this post.

No thanks to Cloudflare support team I suppose. I had to support myself in order to conclude businsess.
Very disappointed

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