Updation issue

I am using cloudflare CDN for raptrill. com but whenever i update something on my website, i can’t see the changes as browsers show the stored files. Is there any solution for this so I and my visitors can see the updates immediately?

raptrill.com is actually using Hostinger and Ezoic CDN (which in turn uses Cloudflare.)

$ curl -I https://raptrill.com
HTTP/2 200
platform: hostinger
server: LiteSpeed    # If using Cloudflare would say so here.
x-ez-proxy-out: true 2.4
x-ezoic-cdn: Hit ds;ds;88a6d807f0589c300dae6c6471ba4197;2-407463-2;a73f3ab1-9bf7-4c80-6480-e415c77d0815

Suggest reading through the Ezoic documentation or contacting Ezoic support directly.

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