Updating TXT records

Hello All, I am well, i hope you well too.

I updated my dns TXT records. now I get error 1000. full disclosure, I also deleted the old TXT records. Please help

Can you post a screenshot of the error?

That is not an issue of a TXT record. Your naked domain points to an address it shouldnt point to.

Hello, I am not very good with this (if at all) could you please explain what that means and how to fix

Post a screenshot of your DNS records.

How did the A and AAAA records get there? You cant have these values. Remove them and add your actual server IP address instead.

so where do I find my actual server ip address and how do I add it. Please forgive me for sounding this stupid, but as I said, I really don’t have any technical knowledge, I am learning as I am going.
Thanks in advance.

Your host needs to tell you those.

As for adding the record, that is done on that very screen. Check out #Tutorials.

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