Updating "origin" nameservers to new host

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I would like a bit of help in an issue. We’ve a website that changed host very recently and the nameservers that Cloudflare’s nameservers point to are from the old host. How can I make Cloudflare point to the new “origin” nameservers from the new host?

Thank you guys for all the help.

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I do not know if this is the same problem, but I want to change current Cloudflare NS to my own NS and I see no option in the settings. It looks like this is similar problem.


I don’t think you can do that inside Cloudflare. Cloudflare creates new NS to point to your own NS, so you can’t “edit” the NS Cloudflare creates. But if what you’re trying to do is to stop using Cloudflare, you’ve got to go to the client area in your domain’s hosting company, login, go to domain settings and change the NS from there.

I don’t know if I answered to your problem @lukeeno
Meanwhile, I hope someone can help me with mine.

Your question is unclear. If the IP of your origin server has changed or you’ve switched to a completely different host, you need to be worried about updating A and AAAA records. Try to avoid using the word “nameserver”, I think you’re mixing up different things. Have you updated your A / AAAA records already?

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Yes, I’ve updated the IP for the A/AAAA records straight after the migration was concluded. It’s just that when I login to Cloudflare and go to the Overview tab, it display’s me the old nameservers. We had Cloudflare paused before the migration to this completly diffent hosting company so we were wondering if it shouldn’t be showing here the new nameservers that we are currently using before we actually make the switch to Cloudflare’s, as the old hosting server is still active but we don’t want it to display that older version of our website.

Okay so maisalgarve.pt is the domain? That domain isn’t even fully set up on Cloudflare yet. If you want Cloudflare to manage the site’s DNS, you’ll have to finish the setup process. You’ll need to log in to the registrar you registered the domain with (possibly dominios.pt), remove the 4 nameserver entries for webhs.org, and add the two Cloudflare nameservers it told you to add. Once this is done, Cloudflare should be able to finish taking over DNS service for the domain.

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