Updating nameservers

I changed my nameservers in my GoDaddy account to Cloudflare’s name servers. Then I logged into my kajabi account to move it over to kajabi. Now I need to update the nameservers to a kajbi nameserver and I don’t know how to update the current name servers within Cloudflare. I also tried to update them via GoDaddy. However, there’s no way to update these, and need to figure out how to do so.

Any info with step-by-step instructions would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Are you following the #tutorials mentioned in this post?

o.k., I will try that and thank you.

When I click the link it doesn’t work :frowning:

I also see it missing, 404.

There is some cached Google version available here (in terms of Cloudflare):

Maybe this one here could help a bit?:

Cached version as the image of the link from @cloonan’s post:

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