Updating nameservers risk

I have an existing website up and running on digitalocean
when trying to install cloudflare on this website it asks me to change the nameservers from digitalocean to cloudflare.
My question is will this cause any downtime to my website?
and how cloudflare will link the domain to my host on digitalocean?

If done correctly, no. Users will use the old DNS entries until they expire, at which point they will go to the new entries.

Before you change your nameservers, you should make sure that all off the DNS entries that you see at your previous DNS provider are also added to Cloudflare.

If some are missing, copy them over before changing the nameservers.

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Changing nameservers to Cloudflare may cause temporary downtime during DNS propagation, typically a few hours. To minimize this, ensure correct DNS records in Cloudflare. After propagation, Cloudflare acts as a proxy for your DigitalOcean server, enhancing performance and security. check:[https://community.cloudflare.com/c/website-application-performance/reliability/7

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