Updating nameserver. Do I need to update all records?

I just changed servers and got my new name server. I went in and changed the ns records to my new nameserver. Do I need to delete or change all my other records (A, CNAME, MX, SRV) or will they auto update once the new name servers propagates?

Cloudflare generally doesn’t use NS records. You’ll have to update just the name servers for your domain at the domain registrar. Not through a DNS records list.

My nameservers at the registrar point to cloudflare. How do I let cloudflare know I am changing servers? I figured I would have to change the dns in cloudflare. Is that not how it works?

That should be enough. What’s the domain?

It looks like it’s working. Is something broken?

I needed to change my A records and my nameservers and now it seems like its working. Thanks for responding.

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