Updating name servers

When I follow the FAQ video on changing nameservers for bluehost I keep getting this message when I try to save the name servers sent to me… Nameserver … doesn’t exist and cannot be created. Why isn’t this working?

Hi @gray.sunshyne, I don’t use bluehost, seems some on this community do and they may be able to comment. If the change is not being accepted online and the typo suggestion in this link, Nameserver skip.ns.cloudfare.com doesn't exist and cannot be created does not help, I’d contact bluehost to find out more about the issue.

@gray.sunshyne Just to make sure, is Bluehost your registrar and your hosting company?

Go to your Control Panel > Domain Manager > place a check in the domain you wish to add to Cloudflare > Name Servers > Custom Name Servers > type the two Cloudflare nameservers.as opposed to copy/pasting then save.

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I didn’t know there was a difference between registar and host…i’m pretty certain its all done through blue host.

I assumed as much. Just follow the previous instructions. Do you have the new Cloudflare NS servers? The Custom nameservers you’ll add to Bluehost are located in the Cloudflare Dashboard https://dash.cloudflare.com/ near the bottom under the DNS tab.

Also a good idea to document your Bluehost name servers since you’re there. :slight_smile:

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