Updating my DNS

Hi, I’m a bit of a n00b so need some help. I got the following from my hosting site:

“We have recently moved your account and during routine maintenance to remove your account on the previous server, we noticed that your DNS is still pointed to this server. Because your domain name is hosted elsewhere, we will not be able to update this for you. You will need to contact your registrar and point your domain(s) to”

I went to GoDaddy but they said you manage my nameservers, which sounds right. I looked at your DNS settings but I don’t really understand what they all do and I’m not sure which part to update - can someone give me a bit o’ guidance?


If you go to your DNS page here for that domain, you’ll see “A” records with an IP address. Click on each one and change the old numbers to the new numbers.

Thanks sdayman, kind stranger on the internet who I am trusting. All changed.

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