Updating just A Record and/or CNAME

Hi there! I’m pretty new to a CDM and excited to get my site set up with it. I’ve been looking around but haven’t quite found a support thread like my question. Apologies if there is one and I missed it. I’d like to point my domain name to Cloudflare servers but can’t point my nameservers completely as my email is set up with Google Apps for Business and thus my MX records can’t be updated to anything else. How might I update my A Record and/or CNAME records to point to Cloufare correctly?

I’m curious also how the CDN works compared to another I tested StackPath? I had amazing results, 1.3 ms load time, but the initial visit to the site was SUPER slow, about 14 seconds for the page load, which was unacceptable. Without StackPath it was only 5-6 seconds, so I removed that as they couldn’t do anything about that. Is this going to be the case with any/all CDN’s or will Cloudfare be different?

Thanks so much for you time!

You will need to do so, unless you sign up for a business plan where you could configure a CNAME setup.

That should not be an issue, you can set these records on Cloudflare.

Thank you for the speedy reply sandro. Regarding your 2nd part of the comment, I can update the nameservers to Cloudfare and then point the MX records in Cloudfare back to Goolge? Is this a default feature or do I still need a business plan?

Any idea about what I mentioned about what was going on with StackPath?

Thanks so much!


Thats a standard DNS management feature, for all plans.

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