Updating failed. Invalid post ID

Recently Im unable to post on Wordpress with this error “Updating failed. Invalid post ID”. Bluehost told me to contact cloudfare for unblocking my IP.

Hi @m.bilal9862,

You can check the firewall event log to see if you were blocked or challenged, however that doesn’t sound like a Cloudflare issue. You can also try pausing Cloudflare and see if it works as expected, to confirm this.

There’s another thread addressing the same problem on FastComet.
It’s definitely Cloudflare.

Presumably that also addressed the solution then? Have you done what I suggested to check the firewall events and with Cloudflare paused?

15 Sep, 2020 17:05:24


United States

Browser integrity check

14 Sep, 2020 18:07:53


United States

Browser integrity check

“here’s the firewall event log”
Pausing cloudflare will crash my site. That’s what happened back then.

Why? Your website should function without Cloudflare enabled, just without the performance and security optimisations…

If the entries in the event log match what you were trying to do, you could allow your IP address so you don’t run into this.

Im having the same problem on Bluehost

whm + cpanel ?

Like im unable to make changes on my drafts (wordpress).
Getting “updating failed”

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