Updating DNS records to enable hosting

Hi guys,

I have a domain that is registered with Cloudflare.

To enable hosting with Hostgator I’m being asked to update DNS records. One of the ways it advises this can be done is by adding an A record within Cloudflare. I did this around 48 hours ago however nothing seems to have changed on the Hostgator side which is still asking me to remove the 2 DNS records.
From what i can see i am unable to do this in Cloudflare?

If anyone could shed some info that would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


thepalm-jebelali. com

Can you verify your encryption mode on Cloudflare? What is that currently configured to?


That’s a security issue I am afraid, make sure to set this to Full Strict.

Apart from that your site seems to be properly configured. You just don’t have a www entries. If you want that, you can follow Deprecated - Redirect www.example.com to example.com or you configure it to point to your server.

But you do need to fix the encryption mode, as you currently have an insecure legacy mode and no encryption.

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Ok great. Have changed now so hopefully all good from here.

Thanks for your help.

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If you are on Full Strict, the configuration should be all right. Just think about whether you want the site to load on www as well, and apply aforementioned changes.


Not sure if I have given this enough time (about 22 hours) but the issue still looks unresolved with Hostgator detecting different A records to what I have placed in Cloudflare.

Any further ideas would be much appreciated.


Well, proxied entries will never have the same values as the configured ones. If that does not work for you, you need to unproxy.

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Your site generally loads fine


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Ok sounds good. Will leave as is and remove the proxy if Hostgator starts giving error messages etc.

Thanks again

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