Updating DNS Records and Setting up branded domain

Hello, we need to add a DMARC record to continue sending emails from our domain.
We also got notice that we need to meet Google and Yahoo’s email sender requirements by February 1st.

Part of doing this is setting up a branded sending domain but we are having trouble doing this because our DNS records aren’t being managed by GoDaddy so we cannot add a DNS record and when we try to switch over from the current nameserver “Cloudflare” it gives a warning message that this could affect our site.

We aren’t sure what to do here and that if we change the management of our DNS records from Cloudflare to GoDaddy if it will affect our site. Or if we can just update these within cloudflare and it will be fine. Has anyone have experience with this issue?

We don’t have a developer on our team and aren’t too sure what to do.

You can update these within Cloudflare.

But let’s start at the beginning: What is your domain, and do you have access to the Cloudflare account for your domain?

Our domain is nutritionfaktory.com
and it’s under GoDaddy
and yes we have access to the cloudflare account

You currently have 2 SPF TXT records. You should start by deleting one of them, as you can’t have 2.

If you use both companies listed in your SPF record (Mailgun and Gorgias), delete the shorter one ("v=spf1 include:spf.gorgias.com ?all").

In the other record, you should change the ? to a -.

After you have done that, you can check your email with Email Deliverability Tool - Check Your Deliverability Report - MxToolBox

You need to test emails from both Mailgun and Gorgias. If the result is all green, you can then proceed to add a DMARC record (more about that later).

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