Updating DNS record after moving to cloudflare

My product requires that I regularly add records to my DNS.
My current DNS provider allows me do this via API.
After moving my website to cloudflare how will this work?

Will my existing MX records be unaffected?
Will I be able to add new MX records via API on cloudflare or I have to do still use my previous MX record?
Also will things like creating emails etc be done on cloudflare also?

You can add automate adding DNS records by using the Cloudflare API…

You can use your existing MX records, they’ll need to be imported to entered into your Cloudflare DNS.

Cloudflare does not offer mailboxes, so you’ll need to use your current mail host or another one, but you can send email with Workers+Mailchannels…


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You could also use the send_email workers binding:

Either way, I would strongly recommend avoiding MailChannels and using some other service like Amazon SES, Sendgrid, Postmark, etc.

There are a lot of security implications and their responses to the situation have been very undesirable. Further reading:

To this day, that have still not truly acknowledged the problems, and brushed it aside or “patched” it with paywalls.