Updating DKIM for Brevo

I am setting up a 3rd party email sender (Brevo) that requires DKIM be setup. When I work through their help files it leads me to cpanel which in turn asks me to contact Cloudflare. The message in Cpanel is:

This system does not control DNS for the “lakeair.com” domain. You can install the suggested “DKIM” record locally. However, this server is not the authoritative nameserver. If you install this record, this change will not be effective. Contact the person responsible for the “buck.ns.cloudflare.com” and “wanda.ns.cloudflare.com” nameservers and request that they update the “DKIM” record with the following:

Name: default._domainkey.lakeair.com.
Value: v=DKIM1; k=rsa; p=MIIBIjANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAAOCAQ8AMIIBCgKCAQEAtDBJNjEUBYLyBZ7JUtThqLHHkGocfFCctvBj4gxzXtxlu4rny6Ezxw6334rahmIDqA+4OY+iUhBS+n3X9hrkdniOUhpOtzBn+Cx/sYj1yTDCJbjCBjH47bGMDtmVZdNg9OhRuc3TJ+bxxHgYrCygz4106AEu9UJsZRgMWQ2wWF0wlzQuG9Tb2jJF6LBbqn3d+cZKi+4h2+/GzHR+YlNlNHHyFPmQ3LlYyDeMkp7u+P2aK3nqG4iszurUQtfQdJpYi0BqOHKF8omMD++9uI9LZjn4Kd5kkykvtKGImdgRGsJ3o1DShHf8WNwDW9INAfeHSmZQ+4VpKJK+Em/0mQDrWQIDAQAB;

I could use any help getting this figured out.

I’ll assume you have the zone (domain) active in your Cloudflare account already.

Then you just have to add the DKIM info you provided as a TXT record in your Cloudflare dashboard, under DNS.

If you did not setup Cloudflare for your domain yourself, then someone else on your team did… and you’ll need to reach out to that someone either do this, or grant you access so you can do it.

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Hello George
I can access the records section under DNS I have included a screenshot. Can you help me with what goes where? Do I add another or do I edit one of the current ones?

The 3rd party sender sent me this image trying to help
If you can tell me what goes where it would be very helpful

Create a new CNAME record using the values shown in the screenshot provided by the third party. Make sure that it is :grey: DNS Only. It should look very similar to your existing s1._ domainkey and s2._ domainkey records, only the name will be dc5b5424-c634-422b-a31-166699a0773b._domainkey and the target will be dkim.infusionmail.com. (If you intend to copy and paste the name, do it from the third party site directly and not here, as I may have typed something wrong.)

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It worked perfectly, thanks to both of you!

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