Updating connection info error

Please resolve the problem as mention in the attached screenshot and confirm.

Hi @thedolmas, this community of other users may be able to assist. In the image you attached, did you submit that message via the send feedback option in the app? What handset and os are you on?

I tweeted that message. Screenshot attached again. I am on iOS.

Hey Guys,

Am bumping up this thread as I have not spotted more suitable or recent one (albeit I have not searched for it too long admittedly).

I’ve been using your app on Android 9 (SONY Xperia XZ1) for a month now and everything is fine except this very nuisance: ‘Updating connection info’ error usually preceded by lack of any connectivity / stuck traffic, usually related to moving from one network to another (for instance: switching between WiFi and 3/4G services when in the office).

See the matching screenshot advising about VPN being disabled.

Extremely annoying!

Can anything be done to alleviate it please?

I really cannot check my phone every 10-15 minutes if VPN does work (or not) or faff with it to re-enable the VPN - so far have not found a way how to re-trigger it quickly. And really do not want to restart it every day either.

Hi @krzemien, did you tap the :wbug: and let the team know?

Yes, twice already (as an anonymous submission though) - my post here is my 3rd attempt to bring this to somebody’s attention.

This very time when I posted above nothing actually could have worked - enabling/disabling or VPN profile, flight mode, data disable/re-enable - only ultimate phone restart sorted it. It really felt like the app got utterly stuck.

There’s another problem and it relates to WiFi Calling: it seems that it’s coming and going - mostly going though - on wife’s iPhone SE since I installed on her device.

Any chance that somebody can assist with this? More than happy with supplying additional data as/when needed.

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Hi @krzemien, thank you for the details. The group on the other side of :wbug: is the team that needs to know, anonymous is fine, although that may be difficult for the team to reach out for more details. Perhaps let them know about the wifi calling issue and include your contact details in case they need more details.

I see.

So that’s the same flawed model of community forum like all other ones I participate or read where effectively support or dev teams are disconnected from the real world and its issues (whatever they are).

That being the case I fail to see any advantages of CloudFlare when compared with other solutions.

Oh well.

For the android device, I suspect your phone is trying to manage the battery by disabling the app. I know most Huawei devices are known for their aggressive memory and power management, not sure how the sony devices are WRT power management. You can fix this by:

  • Go to the ‘Settings’ on your phone.
  • Select ‘Advanced’
  • Visit ‘Battery Manager’
  • Open ‘Protected Apps’
  • You can select “Allow apps to keep running after the screen is turned off” for the app

For you wife’s IO device, is she running iOS13?

Many thanks for your response.

The trouble is that my device remains connected to USB charger most of the time in the office - I only disconnect it when I roam / go elsewhere and that’s when this issue usually occurs: there’s no connectivity of any sort and I need to disable to be flooded with e-mails / messages. And then does not want to re-engage nicely…

So I Android doubt power saving feature is a problem. I think it’s more to do with the way multiple access points (WiFi and 3/4G networks) are managed via app and/or phone.

Regarding wife’s phone: no, she remains on IOS 12.