Updating CNAME Question

Hello CloudFlare,

My name is Trevor and I manage for my client’s website [wolkincurran.com.
The website is being hosted by another service provider and the DNS is hosted by CloudFlare.
I recently had to update the SSL Certificate information because it expired. I went into the dashboard account for Wolkin Curran on CloudFlare and entered a new CNAME record with new ‘OTHER HOST” and ‘Value” information.

Well, it seems like the website is working again. I would like to know if I should delete the other CNAME that is there because it is outdated or should I just leave it alone even thought it may be obsolete?


As you can’t have two CNAMEs for the same hostname, what changed?

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I was told by my hosting provider for WolkinCurran.com to add this new CNAME information. So I should delete one of the other old CNAME then? I couldn’t figure out if I could have more than one. That’s why I am here to ask that question before I delete anything. Thx, Trevor

If it’s the old one, then you shouldn’t need it any more, but take note of it in case you need to put it back for some reason.

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