Updating CNAME or A records instead

I apologize if this has been asked before. I’ve tried searching through the community Q & A but I haven’t come across this specific need. My domain name MX records are set to google for my google apps for business email, so I can’t change it to nameserves as I would loose these changes, correct?

What other way is there to update my domain to Cloudflare servers without changes nameservers? Maybe updating the CNAME or A records?


There is a way that requires the business plan, but if you just need the Google Apps/GSuite records, Cloudflare should transfer over all of your MX records when you add the domain so that GSuite will continue to work after the transfer and with 0 downtime during the switch.

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Thanks for the reply but that didn’t work. My entire website and email went down so I have to change the DNS info back to what I had before. Do my domain info just not move over and then I have to update in my Cloudflare profile??

When you first try to add a domain to Cloudflare, it first tries to grab as many records as it can. It is always good to double check to make sure that it found all the records and the Cloudflare DNS records match your previous host. If the info is not copied over then you will have to enter it manually.

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