Updating Cloudflare DNS Nameserver Record

I received an e-mail last evening from Cloudflare telling me that the Nameservers I have historically used for https://sibersci.com, ali.ns.cloudflare.com and rob.ns.cloudflare.com, were incorrect and must be replaced with new Nameserver names, liz.ns.cloudflare.com and trace.ns.cloudflare.com. I made this change at Amazon Route 53, and liz.ns.cloudflare.com and trace.ns.cloudflare.com are now the listed Nameservers as shown in the following PDF document - Dropbox - How do I change Cloudflare Nameservers, April 14, 2021.pdf - Simplify your life

This change was successfully made at Amazon Route 53, also shown in the following PDF document - Dropbox - How do I change Cloudflare Nameservers, April 14, 2021.pdf - Simplify your life

The Cloudflare DNS record did not update with this change at Amazon Route 53, so the OLD Nameservers are still being used for the website as shown in the PDF document - Dropbox - How do I change Cloudflare Nameservers, April 14, 2021.pdf - Simplify your life

As you can see, I am using ali.ns.cloudflare.com and rob.ns.cloudflare.com as my current Nameservers since they were used for my previous AWS server, but I need to update the Cloudflare DNS Nameservers to liz.ns.cloudflare.com and trace.ns.cloudflare.com.

Therefore, how do I make this change to the Nameservers at Cloudflare, since my website is no longer online due to this ERROR at Cloudflare? Can anyone provide step-by-step instructions for making this change to Cloudflare Nameservers so it is done correctly without any errors?

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Right now the domain is configured for trace and liz and these are also the nameservers announced by Cloudflare. If these are the ones shown in your account your domain is properly configured.

It does not seem as if the nameservers were the problem, but rather missing DNS records. Make sure all records you need are configured on your DNS screen.


Dear Sandro,

Everything worked properly until I changed the Nameserver record this morning on Amazon Route 53, so I do not know why the Cloudflare DNS was not updated since the IP address for the AWS server is correct, and my e-mail is served from Gmail. My website is offline, and I am not receiving most of my e-mail, so do you know what I need to do to correct my DNS record to get everything working again so my website is back online, and my Gmail is being received?

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It would seem that you moved the domain from one Cloudflare account to another. Just export the DNS records from the old account and import it into the new. You will find that functionality on the DNS screen as well.

As long as your DNS records are not in place, nothing can resolve.

My website, https://sibersci.com/, was hosted on an AWS server that was managed by Nestify.io, but Technical Support problems arose at Nestify, so I moved to Cloudways which is also hosted on an AWS server. I changed the Cloudflare DNS URL for the old Nestify AWS server to the new Cloudways AWS server, and everything has operated without any problems until I changed the Nameservers as directed by Cloudflare. My website is down, and I am not receiving e-mail, so something with the Cloudflare DNS must be wrong even though it is pointing to the correct server URL. Who can assist me with fixing this problem so everything is back online again? I do not know what is wrong!

Everything you need to do was already mentioned.

In your case the best thing might be to remove your domain from Cloudflare altogether and start with the setup process anew and make sure everything gets imported correctly. Of course you also need to point your domain back to your original nameservers first.

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Can we do this in a screen sharing session since I have zero experience doing this in Cloudflare?

I am afraid that would reach into the area of paid consultancy and that is beyond the scope of this forum. I’d strongly recommend to check out support.cloudflare.com and #tutorials as these two really contain everything you need to get started.


  1. Remove your domain from Cloudflare
  2. Change the nameservers back to your actual host
  3. Wait a day and make sure your site loads fine on HTTPS without Cloudflare.
  4. Once everything works, add the domain back to Cloudflare
  5. Make sure everything gets imported
  6. Change the nameservers

Alternatively you can certainly also choose the original route I suggested and add the DNS records manually, but for that you’ll need to know them. Your host should be able to assist here and tell you all the necessary records.

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