Updating Certificates for sites on WP Engine

I host my sites at WP Engine and run those thru Cloudflare. All is fine except when it comes to reissuing certificate (LetsEncrypt free). I have to turn Proxy DNS off to get them to go thru. Once thru I put the DNS back on Proxy.

I could use direct DNS all the time but WPE traffic stats are not as good as Cloudflare metrics.

Any strategies to make reissuing certs easier?


Hello craig,

Your SSL/TLS certificate order for industrygroup.org encountered an error when Lets Encrypt attempted to validate your domain.

This can occur for a variety of reasons such as recently updating your DNS settings or using a DNS provider that does not support certain new DNS record types.

We automatically created a support ticket for this issue, and a support tech will update you further.

Let’s Encrypt has more three validation methods available:

  1. HTTP-01
  2. DNS-01 challenge
  3. TLS-ALPN-01

Method one is the most common, and certain server settings and Cloudflare settings can interfere with it. Method two is required for Let’s Encrypt wildcard certificates. It can also be helpful in situations where making an HTTP connection is not possible. You probably are not using the third method.

You can troubleshoot ACME challenges with Let’s Debug. Let’s Encrypt have a great forum available if you need more specialized assistance.

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