Updated successfully but Getting DNS PROBE FINISHED NXDOMAIN

Hi Team,

Today i’ve updated my webiste nameserver to using cloudflare and it’s succeed without any problem
my website: https://bliyuk.com
previous nameserver alibaba

here’s the screenshots

  1. Domain already pointed to cloudflare name servers
  1. www and naked domain A record already created and pointed to the correct server

  2. whois result tell name servers is cloudflare

but if i nsslookup as below the nameservers still pointed to alibaba

and if i changed my laptop dns to using, i’m able to connect to my website, ping, or whatever.

surely i wanted all of people can access my website with their origin ISP resolver.

any suggestion?

It looks good to me. Some ISPs take up to 48 hours for DNS to update.

Yeah after more than 24hours, it’s propagated and accessible from anywhere.

apologize for my un-patient behaviour.

Thanks man

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