Updated SPF but Not sure I can add my domain


Thanks in advance for your help. I will try to resume it in a few steps, I’m a super newbie, usually my webmaster was taking care of all of this.

Everything started with my email inboxes associate to my domain started to not delivery properly. I investigated a bit with my domain company and found out that my exchange-microsoft 365 emails need an SPF update. So I went to my hosting company to do it and they told me that the DNS are poinitng to Cloudflare.
So I created an account on Cloudflare, changed (apparently) the new records (delete the old one and created the new-right-one). Now it says Cloudflare protection for your domain is in a pending state while we verify ownership. This could take up to 24 hours to complete.

24 hr are passed already and checking my SPF with an online checker, it still appears the old SPF. My doubt is that my domain was already added to another Cloudflare account, not sure. But once I added my domain name yesterday i was able to see all my DNS.

Need to wait more? I can I help to confirm my domain ? Do I need to wait 48 hr for the SPF to update?
Thank you in advance for your help. I will travel in 12 hours and I’m scared I won’t b eable to receive my emails…


If you were told your domain was in Cloudflare, then created an account where the domain is now pending, then your domain is active in another account which is why your DNS changes aren’t having any effect.

To start, what is the domain name?


Hi, thank you for your reply, I see.
My domain name is


This is exactly what happened. You are in the wrong Cloudflare account.


I see, thank you so much for your help. Now, I have limited contact with my webmaster and I just have to find out the best practice to be able to personally make the changes, from this time on. Ideally, it would be perfect to be on control and transfer the my website to the new account I created. Any idea how to do it? Any advice? What I need to ask to my webmaster to make things smoother?
I will check your message first, then I guess I will need to open another ticket. Thank you,

Nothing you have discussed here necessitates you open a ticket with Cloudflare support.

These guides should help you plan your move.

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Awesome, you rock. Last question for you before to send an email to my webmaster… becuase you are quick, very helpful and very efficiient . I really appreciate it!

Do you think there is a way that I can do everything alone if 1) I have the original email and password access to the Cloudflare account, or 2) if my webmaster is adding me with the role of owner or admin? Is this possible?

Thank you,

I wouldn’t expect anyone to share their credentials with you, and it is not a good practice to engage in. Your webmaster could conceivably invite you to the current account which would allow you to view rules and configurations, as well as export your zone file.

I don’t know if it is worth all that effort for one zone, but I have no idea how complex your setup is. A simple setup setup should be easy enough with just the exported zone file.

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Super Thank you! I appreciate yourhelp and effort.
Have a fantastic day,

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