Updated server IP address in Cloudflare not propagated

I’m a developer working on migrating my client’s site from one server to another. The servers are both on Network Solutions and the domain has its nameservers pointed to Cloudflare. As far as I understand it, I should simply need to change the IP address in the Cloudflare DNS settings, which is what I did; however, I am unable to verify that the switched has occurred.

To verify the IP address has changed, I’ve been comparing the pages at isectors.com/about/ and 018337c.netsolhost.com/about/. In the latter, you should see a third paragraph that just says “Test.” and in the former, you don’t have that paragraph. The iSectors domain should definitely have that test based on all my findings. The IP address is correctly entered to match that of 018337c[DOT]netsolhost[DOT]com and if I test the IP address of the development URL of the old server, 0372AEE[DOT]NETSOLHOST[DOT]COM, I get a different IP address.

I’ve switched on and off proxying and waited a whole week to see if the changes show up and they haven’t. I also deleted the cache multiple times for that route. What is going wrong? Where should I check next? Does anyone have a fix for this?

P.S. Sorry for the [DOT]s, I don’t have the right to add multiple URLs at this time.

Hi, it may seem unhelpful, but I can tell you it’s not at all an issue with Cloudflare.

  1. the HTML page isn’t cached at the edge with your config, so it’s requested each time from the origin (slower, you can notice the lag, but no possible caching issues).
  2. turning off and on the proxying was the main test to check if Cloudflare is at fault, being that it didn’t change a thing it’s proof it’s something server related.

Check again the IP, are you sure it’s correct and the deploy was done to the correct server?

Thanks @matteo; although, that’s what I was afraid of since Network Solutions is such a closed host (can’t even find IP addresses without looking them up externally or contacting support, which is what I’ve now done to verify). Hopefully, I’ll retrieve the actual IP addresses and they’ll be different but I’m a bit cautious that they are not and there is some other issue. Can you think of anything else that might cause this?

I went to log into Cloudflare but it looks like I can’t for whatever reason (on their side) so I will try to verify the IP addresses again and take one more look at the settings.

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