Updated redirect rule not updating

I had a Redirect Rule setup to forward a specific path to a different URL. This was all working correctly but I’ve had to change the destination URL which I’ve done and deployed but it’s not updating in a real world test.

In Cloudflare trace it correctly shows the updated path but in a real world browser OR via a third party trace it shows the redirect still going to the original URL. It’s been about 10 minutes now, does it take longer than this to update? My understanding from the docs was that it was instant.


The change should be instant, subject to any caching.

Can you show a screenshot of the redirect rule to see where it’s redirecting from and where it should redirect to?


The DNS record for @ is not proxied, so requests aren’t going through Cloudflare for the Redirect Rule to have any effect.

The existing redirect must be on your origin.

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Ahhh amazing, thank you!

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