Updated Nameservers at Registrar, Site immediately went down


Hey Guys…I just joined Cloudflare. My domain is www.momentsmilestones.com. Hosting with Bluehost. I updated my nameservers to the ones Cloudflare provided, and my site is offline now.
Unfortunately, I’m not a tech/web savvy person. Any idea what I might have missed or done wrong? Thanks!

Changed nameservers, site went down, DNS correct, Hosting service says they can't help!

Are you sure you have the correct IP address set for your server in Cloudflare’s DNS page?

The Cloudflare part looks to be working, but something is broken when Cloudflare tries to connect to your server.

How about…on the Cloudflare DNS page, set your records to :grey: instead of :orange: and see if that works. Post back how that goes. It should take 5 or so minutes for DNS to reflect this change.


Sure…will give it a shot now…thx!


I’m watching DNS to see when the change happens so I can test it again.


OK, will give it the 5 minutes. But to answer your first question, “no”, I have no idea if I have the correct IP address set. May I ask where I should look for the correct IP address to compare?


Cloudflare generally gets the right one from your old name servers. Your dashboard at Bluehost should have a DNS section with the IP addresses for your domain.


I’m in my cPanel on Bluehost…and on the left side of the screen under “System”, it lists my dedicated IP address which matches what is on my Cloudflare DNS Page under “Value”.


DNS has updated, and I can’t connect to your server, so something’s wrong with your DNS entry. Or the server itself.


Should I go back and change the nameservers to what they were originally? Because I was using the site fine right up until that change…


Yeah, give that a try.


OK, I just switched it back to the Bluehost nameservers


@sdayman…it’s back to where it was initially, and the site is still down. Do you see any issues on your end?


That is strange. DNS all looks good. Right now, you should contact Bluehost. Changes at Cloudflare don’t force changes at Bluehost, so nothing there should have changed.

Bluehost DNS matches what you have at Cloudflare (and vice versa) and it’s just not working.


Will do…I’ll report back what they say…thx


OK, they said my server required more RAM. I purchased the RAM and they said it would be back online within an hour. I’ll reach back out here once the site is back online to figure out next steps with Cloudflare.


I spent the last couple of hours with Bluehost, and they said the issue is not something they can fix. It wasn’t the RAM after all.

Not sure what to do here. As soon as I connected with Cloudflare, my site went down. I need someone who can help me troubleshoot, please. Happy to submit a ticket, or whatever I need to do. But I’d like to request that someone reach out to me and step me through resolving this. Thanks


Good news! Your site is working! I’m home from work, so I don’t know if it was something weird about my work firewall (unlikely), or something magically started working.

For getting back on Cloudflare, make sure all your DNS entries here are :grey: so you’re only using DNS, just like your current DNS name server. Then change name servers back to Cloudflare. That shouldn’t impact your website.

Post back on how that goes.

While you’re waiting, make sure SSL here is set to OFF. Your current site is HTTP only, so no SSL is a safe way to start here.

The next step would be to :orange: the www and momentsmilestones.com entries. If that breaks, set it back to :grey: for more troubleshooting.


Heya gang…Not sure what to do here. As soon as I changed my nameservers to Cloudflare, my site went down. I’ve since changed them back to the Bluehost nameservers, but the site is still not up. I spent several hours with the Bluehost and they say they can’t help - they said it is an issue with something Cloudflare changed.

I need someone who can help me troubleshoot, please. Happy to submit a ticket, or whatever I need to do. But I’d like to request that someone reach out to me and step me through resolving this. Thanks for your guidance!


DNS is cached, changing nameservers typically takes 48-72 hours to clear out of caches.

With that being said, on the Cloudflare side go to your DNS tab, are the records correct? If so, set them all to :grey: (not :orange:), wait about 5 minutes and check again.


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