Updated my DNS 48 hours ago and not propagated yet. Urgently need it to. Cannot get through to CF. Please help!

Hello. Am in a bit of an urgent situation. Updated my DNS with new IP address and after 48 hours nothing has changed. Really need the site to propagate ASAP as have teams waiting to finish bugs and testing. My host support team walked me through exactly what I needed to change, and I did it right. My developer has checked, says it’s right.

Trying to get through to CF support team, not having any luck.

Pretty grumpy as I upgraded today, tried three times. First two times (6 and 4 hours ago) there was an issue and I emailed billing to raise a ticket and never heard back. Finally billing worked, and now I’ve got an automated email asking me to post here. I am confused as I thought support at CloudFlare was good.

We have a hard launch date (due to my lead developer getting married!) and every day missed is eating away at crucial time.

Anyway - please help! Let me know what info you need. Thank you SO SO much in advance.

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