Updated IP still resloving to old IP


I moved my website hosting and updated the IP to point to the new hosting. All worked fine, even set up the SSL ok. Then yesterday I was getting reports that our old website was showing again. Checked The CF DNS and it was pointing to the new IP on the screen but resolving to the old IP address.

Ran a tracert and this confirmed that it was resolving to the old IP address.

Another weird this has happened also, a subdomain that has been set up for many years was now pointing to the new hosting, even though I had not changed this and it was showing the correct IP in CF DNS page.

Then this morning everything worked as expected briefly before reverting back to the same issues and a dead website.

Really at a loss now after reading many community posts and logging with support, who replied once and gave up after that.

Any ideas, articles or inspiration greatly appreciated.



If your records are set to :orange: the IP it won’t change for you.

What’s the domain?

Hi Mark,

I have tried both proxied and not. The domain is worksdigital.co.uk should point to but it is pointing to - the old IP, set to DNS only at the moment.

A subdomain to the new hosting I created last week at the same time as changing the main IP does resolve as expected https://staging.worksdigital.co.uk/.

If it matters, the old server was running Let’s Enrypt for the domain but this fails to authenticate now as SSL is via Cloudflare. I have also turned off SSL Edge for now in case of an issue there.


I may be speaking too soon but since my last support request the main website is now resolving to the new hosting and website. Though this happened earlier today and then reverted to broken again. The non resolving clients.worksdigital.co.uk is also resolving as it should.


Sounds like cached DNS entries.
Glad to hear it’s working now.

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