Updated hosting and now website won't show

I upgraded my hosting plan with Bluehost, and after the migration was complete, I now receive an error screen that says " Be back soon! This website is under maintenance. Check back tomorrow!". I got in touch with Bluehost and they told me to purge my cache at Cloudflare because that was the issue, which I did. Website still not working. www.originaltilesource.com

Are you using an app that would display a maintenance page? If so disable it (or set the DNS record on the maintenance page to DNS only so it doesn’t proxy through cloudflare)

No, I’m not using an app for maintenance. The maintenance page that is currently up is from bluehost it seems. I take it this happens when migrating. But now that migration is done, its stuck on the maintenance page. And I purged the cache in cloudflare

Maybe try setting the link (maintenance page) to DNS only (so it doesn’t proxy through Cloudflare)

Please excuse me if I say something ignorant. I’m not very good at this, but how would I do that.

That page URL is suspendedpage.cgi, and the bottom of the page instructs you to contact Bluehost. Have you done that?

Normally during upgrades such as yours, I recommend the user trigger “Pause Cloudflare on Site” from the bottom right hand corner of the Overview page for their domain at dash.cloudlfare.com, then wait five minutes to take effect.

It’s possible Bluehost changed your server’s IP address and you have to update it in DNS here.


Thanks @sdayman and @AppleSlayer for responding. Yes, I have contacted Bluehost 2 times and am on a chat with them right now. I do see the trigger on the site. I will give that a try.

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Ok, so if anyone runs into this issue, here’s what I did to remedy the issue. I took @sdayman s advice and paused cloudflare on site. Nothing happened so I went back to Bluehost in the dns records and saw where the hosting IP was changed (which makes perfect sense being that the hosting was upgraded). So I went into Cloudflare > DNS, and changed all the old IPs to the new IP hosting from BlueHost. I unpaused my Cloudflare account and now its working. I’m not sure which step fixed the issue, but it worker all the same. Peace

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It was this:

But Pausing Cloudflare lets Bluehost troubleshoot the issue by seeing what IP address you have set for the site. In the future, since you know this is the cause, you can skip the Pausing part and just update the IP address and it will begin working immediately.

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