Updated DNS records on Cloudflare but when I try to access my website it still points to Cloudflare IP addresses rather than my end IP address so I cannot access this

Hi, I’ve set up Cloudflare as a proxy server to access my website as I could get an SSL certificate through here. I’m hosting this via godaddy and have checked my IP address with them and imported cname records from them when setting up. They’ve had to update the cname records on their end and tell me I should be able to see the settings when it is pushed through to the server by tomorrow.

I’ve input the SSL record from Cloudflare using the proper IP address and it has been accepted according to plesk and input the origin CA certificate from cloudflare, I’ve also set the SSL settings to strict on cloudflare as well.

However, when I try to access my website I get the following error

xxxxxxxxxxfqdnxxxxxxxxxx ’s server IP address could not be found.

  • [Try running Windows Network Diagnostics](javascript:diagnoseErrors()).


And in my settings on GoDady the IP address put through is the cloudflare address. This may not be an issue in itself if cloudflare are routing all traffic through the server, but not sure why it is failing to connect with the end IP address as I’ve set the A records for my domain and subdomain to point only at the correct IP address.

So two questions - when the CName record has been updated on the servers by GoDaddy, will I need to update this manually on Cloudflare or is there a way to ‘refresh’ and automate this, as I cannot see any of my DNS records on GoDaddy now that I’ve set my nameservers to cloudflare.

Second of all, is there anything else I need to do on this end to ensure that Cloudflare successfully routes traffic through to the correct IP address at the end so I can finally access my website?

GoDaddy should have no control of any DNS records after you set your name servers to those provided by CloudFlare, so I’ve no idea why they are controlling CNAME records.

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