Updated CNAME records are not propagating

I updated some DNS (CNAME) entries and only a few have been propagated. What is the ‘normal’ time it should take to propagate?

CNAME not resolving: public-hcp-api.ppp-demo.apps.jnj
Similar CNAME which does work: public-hcp-api.ppp-qa.apps.jnj

apps.jnj is not using Cloudflare. You’ll need to discuss this with whomever manages your DNS servers.


Hi Sandro, thanks for your reply…
apps.jnj is also CNAME’d in cloudflare
Like mentioned in the earlier ticket, I have several records which are working fine like the example below, but only a few of them are not working well

All right, so you are on a CNAME setup, right?

Still in that case you’ll need to fix this on your own DNS server. Cloudflare itself won’t be involved and you need to make sure you have the correct DNS record on your nameserver. Plus, of course the hostname itself needs to be added to Cloudflare as well.

Hi @kessers,
I think this is solved now, according to this dig:

dig cname public-hcp-api.ppp-qa.apps.jnj +short
dig cname public-hcp-api.ppp-demo.apps.jnj +short

Can you confirm or let us know if you need further help?

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