Updated A record IP now site inaccessible. Please Help!

I’m hoping someone out there can assist me with and issue I’m having. A website I’m working on is currently being hosted on Digital Ocean and I was in the process of migrating it to a new host. I got the new server all prepared and went into Cloudflare to update the A record’s IP to point to the new host when I was met with “Site cannot be found” ( ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED). I figured something must have been misconfigured with the new server, so I reverted the A record to point back to the original IP (on Digital Ocean) however I’m still unable to reach the site. Can anyone offer any insight in what might be going on here?

The domain name is vibebeautycollective.com if that helps any.

Your HTTP site redirects to HTTPS (That’s good), but the HTTPS site is using a Let’s Encrypt certificate that expired in October of 2022 (That’s no good). Fix that and see what happens next.

Ran certbot renew and the site is back up and running. I’m not exactly sure how/why the site was working prior to me attempting to move to a new host this evening let alone the past year with an expired ssl cert. I really appreciate the help!

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You may have been proxying with Cloudflare set to Full instead of Full (strict). Full doesn’t check certificate validity. It’s why Full (strict) is preferable.

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