Update your DNS Type A IP Address

Hi, I have a recent issue with the DNS IP of my website. According to goddady who is my domain and host provider I need to update the Type A IP, never the less my IPv4 address in cloudflare is the same as the one godaddy tells me. How do I fix this issue? My website is offline because of this, this only happend because I moved my dns from godaddy to clouflare and 48 hours has already passed.
Im new to this. Thanks.


What’s the domain?

Seems I have solved the issue, I was missing the felxible cloudflare SSL plugin on my wordpress site.

No offence, but your site says

Professional website and software developers offering the best coding solutions.

but you don’t even have your own site properly secured via SSL? And no, the proxy certificate is not proper SSL.

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Hi Sandro, the site is still under development, we are working on it.
We now count with the padlock and secured SSL.

That’s the point, the site is not secure right now because you don’t have a certificate.

It does count with the cloudflare certificate, it wasn´t completley secured before because of insecured content. We have fixed it and now counts with a secure connection.

Oh my. Are you sure you want to offer the services you plan to offer?

No, the site is not secure and you need to configure a certificate on your server.


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