Update to the new managed rules


I logged into Cloudflare and under WAF under managed rules there is a green tag saying update
The new managed rules are ready for you! Update for free to benefit from the following enhancements:

  • Increased signature matching performance
  • Updated Managed Rulesets
  • New features such as Leaked Credential Check Ruleset and WAF exceptions

Its asking me to review configuration
there is 2 tabs that are not enable
I would love some advice
do i just toggle the swtiches on and take a chance
what can i break and how will this impact my site
essentially a WordPress site with an lms and woo commerce
I would love your advice

Enabling any Cloudflare feature may impact your website. Unfortunately, neither this community nor Cloudflare can know precisely what the impact may be for your website, simply because each website, and especially each WordPress site, is a different object. For that reason, you’ll have to enable the new WAF and its rulesets and monitor your website (especially the backend) for issues.

The best help we can offer is the :search: button, where you may be able, with searches such as “new waf issue”, “new waf problem” etc., to find reports from users of the new WAF side effects.

For instance, on a few past reports to this community, we’ve seen users complain that they were blocked when trying to upload plugins. If you also use the upload button (as opposed to let the WordPress panel handle the plugin updates for you), you may have to create an WAF Exception. Please :search: for “waf exception upload” if that happens to also be an issue for you.

Thank you so much for such a detailed response
I will do that

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