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It’s been three days now without any feedback or resolution from the Cloudflare support team regarding my support ticket #3291019. The issue is about updating the nameservers for my domain on the backend. However, I’ve received three new emails which weren’t relevant to my ticket, instructing me to go to a third-party registrar to update the nameservers.

This is where the confusion lies - Cloudflare is the registrar for all my three domains. One of my teams mistakenly deleted the account that was managing the domains, and we had to add the websites back. But now, Cloudflare is asking us to update the nameservers, which is impossible because Cloudflare is the registrar.

I have an active subscription for all the domains on Cloudflare. I do not understand why my domains are being held hostage by Cloudflare. If they cannot solve this problem, I need Cloudflare to enable us to transfer my domain to another registrar.

Below is the last reply by cloudflare 4 days ago and they ignored my ticket:

Brandon Reich
4 days ago
Hello again,

Cloudflare Support cannot do this for you.
As stated, the domains are still active on Cloudflare, but in another account.

Please identify if you are working with a third party to build/host your site.

Kind regards,

Brandon R.
Technical Support Engineer - Cloudflare
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below is my reply to his email:
Hello Again,

I have received three different emails today that did not address my issue.

I have already explained multiple times that Cloudflare has been my domain registrar since July 2024, and I use it for authoritative DNS. I have an active subscription with Cloudflare.
Cloudflare is the registrar:

I want to clarify that I am not associated with any third party.

The account that was managing these domains, was mistakenly deleted because it was thought to be a duplicate account.
I have already added the websites back into my main admin account, However, I need Cloudflare, as the registrar, to update the Nameservers on their backend.

I want to emphasize that these domains do not belong to any other nameservers like GoDaddy or namecheap. The issue lies with Cloudflare, and there is no way for me to update the nameservers on Cloudflare. Could you provide a hidden method, passkey, or something similar that we can use to update the nameserver on Cloudflare?

So, you are trying to add the domains to an account that’s different than the account they were in before?

All 3 domains are currently active in one Cloudflare account, but I can see someone tried adding them to a different Cloudflare account as well, which will not work.

Can you please doublecheck that you have access to the correct account that the domains were registered in? It doesn’t look like it was deleted.

The Event:
I had two accounts. The main account held a different domain, and the second account (which has been deleted) held three domains. Both accounts used the same email addresses. One of my hires mistakenly deleted the second account, thinking it was a duplicate. I added the three domains back into the main account. I no longer have access to the deleted account, which was set up by me and held those three domains. I cannot retrieve the account because it was deleted. No third party is involved in managing my account, and I never gave access to a third party. All I want is to get my domains back, have them transferred to my main account, or update the main account. This issue should not be complicated to fix. The records show that I bought these domains and registered them using my billing information and Visa card to purchase the subscription. It is the same account and the same email. If this is too complicated for Cloudflare, I need access to my domains to transfer them out.

Cloudflare has closed all my tickets and not even a solution. These is not acceptable

Try this from an incognito browser session.

If you don’t know the email: https://dash.cloudflare.com/forgot-email

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I log into the cloudflare account using the same email and I have to choose which account to access. One of these account was the one that got deleted.

The account that was deleted was under one profile.

These is the email i got from cloudflare trying to open another ticket and they closed my ticket again. This is a big scam and i am very upset. All they need to do update the nameserver.
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18 minutes ago
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The account that you had to select is an organizational account. If that organization no longer appears on the list of accounts that you can access, your user has probably been removed from the organization by another admin. One of the remaining organization admins will need to add your account. I strongly encourage you to use the forgot email link that I shared earlier to help you identify who is still in that organization.

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I am the owner of the organization, I am the one who is writing on this community forum. I have tried the link again and it didn’t work. I am here because these has affected my business and operations

Let me explain what happened again

You are obviously not the owner of the organization account that holds your domains as evidenced by their absence in your Cloudflare account dashboard. You stated in your first post that one of your team members made the catalyst action that separated you from your domain registrations. The action that matches the symptoms you are describing is the removal of your user from that organization account. It also supports what you are being told by Cloudflare support.

How can you make such claim without proof if i am not why would i be here

These is what is going on

“When we log into our main admin account after going through 2FA, we are given two options: the main account or a sub-account, which I created. The sub-account was deleted from the system. It had the same email account as the main account. That sub-account had three domains. These accounts are operated by my company, and no one else has access to the account.”

My account can not be accessed without a 2fa auth. Why say such things

The thing is, the second account does not seem to be deleted. I can see that the domain is still active in that second account.
If the account had been deleted, the domain would no longer be active.

This will very likely not happen. Cloudflare simply doesn’t transfer domains between accounts.

This seems to me like the second account was not deleted, but that your hire accidentally removed your access from the second account as @epic.network pointed out.

I don’t believe you would have been able to create 2 accounts with the same email address. You will need to try to figure out which email address you used to register the second account to begin with.

Okay, I will try using different emails account and see if these works. give few minutes to try few emails i had

I have checked all our Gmail mail accounts and we didn’t get any verification email. The issue now is I may have used one of the domain emails that I created. New emails are not going through and I can’t send email out of those email domains. Now how do I verify that this is my account and retrieve the domain?

I went through the old mails from cloudflare and found the one that was sent on June 2, 2022. from my main account requesting the same email (main email) same email to join. I am telling you I used the same email because when we log into to access the domain it is the same email as admin Gmail. I do not want to expose my email to the public community

|Thu, Jun 2, 2022, 9:49 PM||![

| — | — | — |
|to me


You have been invited to join and manage an account on Cloudflare:

account: @gmail.com
invited by: [email protected]

Click on the following link to accept:


This invitation will expire on Mon, Jun 6, 2022 4:49 am GMT+0000.

Thank you,
The Cloudflare Team

Well, it seems like your second account was created by liquidweb then?

You probably need to contact their support to regain access.