Update the A record but DNS apply stranger IP

I just add the website to the CDN Cloudflare, change the NameServer of the domain to Cloudflare, and add the A Record with my host IP.
After that, I check the nslookup, but my domain changed address to 2 IPs:

How it can be and how can I configure the A record at CDN Cloudflare to my host?

These are Cloudflare IPs and how the proxy works - Cloudflare IPs are returned and then Cloudflare fetches your website.

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Thank you.
Do you have any documents about the CDN proxy, KianNH?

I want to configure our website with 2 domains.
One is the first domain: using to get data.
One is the second domain: using to load static resources like JS, CSS, icons,…

As Cloudflare IPs and the way proxy work, i can’t configure like I want.

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