Update takes time to reflect on website

Recently i moved from one server to another and ever since i am getting problem updating my website. When ever i am changing me code it takes few minutes to reflect on website. When contacting to new hsoting provider they said it is because i am using cloudflare proxy. I tried removing the proxy but the same problem exists. Please tell me what shall i do it overcome this problem? Why same setup just works fine in some server but give me problem in some other server? The domain is https://newvisiontrust.in/

It looks like there’s only one variable here.

Then it looks like Cloudflare isn’t the issue. I checked caching, and your HTML is not being cached. Can you be more specific as to what updates aren’t showing?

Hi the problem was due to PHP Opcache. when i disabled it i can see the change instantly. Thank you for your response.

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