Update Stream Video attributes (e.g. updating to turn off requireSignedURLs)

Cloudflare images allow you to update an image you’ve uploaded to Cloudflare to change both the requireSignedURLs attribute, and the metadata hash (see: https://api.cloudflare.com/#cloudflare-images-update-image)

Cloudflare stream, unfortunately, does not have that ability. Would it be possible to add that ability in? I saw in https://community.cloudflare.com/t/is-it-possible-to-update-a-video-on-cloudflare-stream/266123 that the answer over a year ago seemed to be “no”, but I think it’s worth discussing again.

Hey @Scott-PB — you can update metadata and signed URL requirements for a video in Stream by making a POST request to /stream/. You can see this API request in action when you make changes to a video in the Cloudflare dashboard.

See Secure your Stream · Cloudflare Stream docs for more.

You’re 100% right that this isn’t clearly documented in our API docs, and could be much more discoverable. Working on improving this — appreciate the feedback.

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