Update problem with Development Mode


I hope this is the right category for my issue.

I recently created a Cloudflare account and added my domain name.
This is my first time using Cloudflare to protect my domain and website.

Today, I made changes to my website and adjusted my logo while Development Mode was enabled.

Once I completed the changes and everything looked correct, I disabled Development Mode. However, I noticed that all my settings and logo adjustments were lost once Development Mode was turned off.

When Development Mode is enabled, everything looks perfect, but when I disable it, the adjustments to my logo disappear.

Could you please advise if I need to do something specific to ensure that my logo adjustments remain correct after disabling Development Mode?
Do I need to wait for Cloudflare to update if yes please how much time take, or is there another step I am missing?

Thank you very much for your assistance.

Best regards,

You will need to purge your cache after you are done making changes, or the cached files will be back after you disable Development Mode.


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