Update problem when activating APO

Hello, why when we activate the APO option our home of our website is not updated, they could not help… Thank you

Can you clarify what you mean by OPO? Are you referring to APO perhaps?

What do you mean by “not updated”? Any errors? Bad cache? Is there anywhere we can see this? Please provide some more information so we can assist.

Yes, sorry, APO.

The problem is that when we activate the option, the Home of our website is not updated, that is, the new entries do not appear in the Home of the site,

We have the WP Rocket plugin installed, you don’t know if it is compatible.

Could someone please help us :frowning:

APO generally only purges the page itself, and any Archive/Category pages it may be on.

If your Home Page isn’t the default Blog option, try manually purging the home page URL to get those changes to show up.

But couldn’t it be updated automatically when a new entry is published?

Apparently not. Is your home page the default Blog listing? Or is it a Page?

It is a blog, it is updated with each new publication

What’s the URL?

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