Update on Registry renewal timeframe

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This is correct: “So I can understand @web19’s request, however Cloudflare simply still is beta-ish as far as the registrar service is concerned and I guess all these features will eventually appear.”
Question: Has this been remedied since 2019?
I simply won’t be around or have same payment method next time round: we go travelling.
Another reason by those who criticized the OP wrongly: With many domains, and each being renewed individually at its time, it’s just a … PAIN to have to have only 1yr renewals.
Hope someone from Cloudflare can look into this please?
Thx David

Maybe this depends on the TLD, but I have an .org and an .email domain, both registered/transferred to Cloudflare, and I have renewed them, in 2019 or so, until 2025.

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This feature was added quite a while ago, you can renew up to 10 years now.


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Awesome update, thank you Bernardo and Domjh! :slight_smile:

So, for others searching, to find it more easily:

Cloudflare now allows multi-year domain renewals also!

(think this will help SEs) :wink:

I have added a post to the old thread you linked to provide the new info as well.

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And I have already started multiyear renewals. Works so well! :slight_smile:


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