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Hello, my site was disconnected from Kajabi last week and while re-activating it, Kajabi populated new NS for my site and I registered them with my registrar. Everything is working great except for the fact that Cloudflare is still showing the old NS that were used before it was disconnected. How do i get Cloudflare to update to the new NS that Kajabi populate?

Cloudflare won’t update the namesever for your domain. If Kajabi is managing your domain then you need to use their Cloudflare servers.


Ok, thank you.

Im lost as to how to go about this because I’ve asked Kajabi and they said talk to Cloudflare, now sounds like you’re saying talk to Kajabi…just a bit confused.

The Cloudflare account that controls a domain is determined by the pair of nameservers that are assigned at the registrar. If you set the nameservers to the ones on Kajabi’s account, they need to make any changes you want to see. They may expose this to you through their own control panel, but the changes still need to be made on their Cloudflare account.

If you have your Cloudflare account nameservers active at the registrar, then you will make changes through your Cloudflare account. If you decided to sell your domain to someone else, you would have them add it to their Cloudflare account by updating the registrar with the nameservers assigned during the Adding your domain process and changes would then need to happen in their account.


Ok, thank you kindly for the guidance!!

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How do I get Cloudflare to update the DNS that is in my account to the one reflected in Godaddy?

I am not sure what you are asking. What do you mean by

I thought you are using Kajabi for your DNS.

Hi, I am using Kajabit for the DNS. The discrepancy is that Cloudflare is reflecting old nameservers that are not the current ones Kajabi is using. Im working to figure out how to get Cloudflare to update to the new nameservers instead of instructing me to change the Kajabi NS to the old ones which are no longer assigned to my Kajabi account. I hope this helps bring clarity to my challenge. Thank you kindly in advance for your assistance.

If you want a domain to be active in your Cloudflare account, it must use the nameservers assigned by Cloudflare and only the nameservers assigned by Cloudflare.

OK thank you, I appreciate this! How do I get this to sync up with the name servers that could Jobbie is providing for the domain? This is where the discrepancy is and where I am working to resolve.

You don’t. You either manage your DNS in your Kajabi dashboard using their Cloudflare account or you don’t use Kajabi.

OK thank you. This is where I am sorry I am really struggling to understand this. And I really truly appreciate you taking time to help me gain clarity. Kajabi and Cloudflare are populating to different DNS‘s for me. How do I ensure that the DNS in Kajabi is the one being populated by Cloudflare?

Again, you do not. You cannot use your own Cloudflare account with Kajabi. You have to use theirs.

Search results suggest that it may have been possible at one time, but all current Kajabi documentation precludes the possibility of such a configuration.

You might want to ask Kajabi if you can use your own Cloudflare account with their service. I strongly expect their answer to be “No”, but if it isn’t, they will be able to explain what you need to do to make it work.

Awesome, thank you so much for all of the insight and guidance! You are an absolute rockstar!!!

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