Update nameservers on cloudflare

Hi, I am trying to update the nameservers on my Cloudflare account but cannot find a way. There are no nameservers on my overview page - just analytics, and when i wrote to my new hosts to ask the problem there reply was this:

You need to update the Nameservers to dns1.sitezoogle.com & dns2.sitezoogle.com- our name servers cannot be added as CNAME records which is why you are receiving this error.

Can anyone please help?

Is your domain registered with Cloudflare? If so, I am afraid it is not possible to change nameservers. If you really need to do that you’ll have to transfer the domain away from Cloudflare.

If it is not registered with Cloudflare, then Cloudflare is not involved and you need to talk to your registrar.

Ok thank you. It says that the domain is active when I log in on cloudflare so I guess that means that I am registered with them?

Cloudflare doesn’t do website hosting though so I’m confused at what they are offering - a domain name that I can’t link a bandzoogle website to??

Thanks for the help.

Having added the domain to Cloudflare does not mean it is registered with them.

What’s the domain?

Yes, that domain is registered with Cloudflare, so I am afraid the following does apply.

Ok thank you. Could you tell me how I transfer it away from cloudflare?

And out of interest, what does having a domain registered with cloudflare offer people if you cant then host a website? I’m confused.

That would be just like with any other domain transfer. You make sure your domain is unlocked and has the right contact information, then you pick another registrar, and transfer the domain over.

Also, the domain registration is separate from any hosting.

You might want to clarify with your host if you really have to change nameservers. If that is not necessary you can simply update the DNS records on Cloudflare and make sure they match what your provider told you.

Could you tell me how I can update the DNS records? Where would I write the new nameservers? I see there are lots of categories (A, AAA etc).

#tutorials has a lot on that, how to edit your DNS records. You simply need to make sure that it matches whatever your provider gave you.

And no, you would not set any nameservers there. Only the actual DNS records.

Great thanks for your help

In particular


But first make sure that approach is all right and your provider does not require you to change nameservers. If they do not, modifying the DNS records will work perfectly fine, otherwise you’ll have to transfer away from Cloudflare.

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